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As a gift to say Thank You for ordering your Complete Digestive Stool Test and Comprehensive Analysis Report, I would like to offer you a special bonus – the opportunity of joining the Embracing Health Membership Club for just $1*!

In my quest to educate people on the health subjects that can make a real difference to the quality of their lives, in simple and understandable language – I have a Membership Club where I produce a Membership Magazine, Audio Interviews and special offers from time to time.

Over the last 12 months the Membership has been growing and expanding and was ready to metamorphis into a new phase of evolution – in January 2010 it was re-launched as an educational membership where subscribers receive a module of information each month which both informs and entertains as it takes you on a journey through a particular health-related subject.

The Membership Magazine features a in-depth article on the health issue, the recipe is a “food as medicine” guide to supporting the body through the magic of whole foods; the book review pertains to the subject, and the audio interview is an exciting addition where I speak with experts on the topic at hand to give a greater overview and understanding.

Each month will bring you a powerful and up-to-date capsule of naturopathic know-how which will often leave you knowing more than your doctor!

With the primary issues that effect many women today covered – such as fatigue, thyroid and adrenal disorders, digestive health, the liver, heart disease and hormonal imbalances – you will collect a library of information that will take you from tired, stressed and overweight – to feeling trim and terrific!

Not only will you be receiving health information that can change your life, you will also receive permanent members specials as part of the Membership Club, the savings of which will more than cover the entire price of a year’s worth of membership!

  • A $200 discount voucher to be used at any of the full-price Embracing Life! Retreats**
  • A $50 discount on Saliva Hormone Testing
  • A $50 discount on Complete Digestive Stool Analysis Testing
  • Other selected bonuses, offers and discounts on products throughout the year
**subject to availability – four member places available at each retreat

Invest in your health today! Join now and reap the rewards of increased vitality and energy with ongoing health education that is changing lives!

With an investment of only $1* you have nothing to lose. Trial the membership for a month and receive the first module today – you have a month to decide whether you would like to continue on as a member and can unsubscribe at any time.

Regular Price $97

Today $1* Only

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Embracing Health Membership Club as a valued part of my exclusive group of friends who are learning and laughing together as we navigate through ups and downs as we aspire to live a healthier, happier life!



* After the trial period of one month has expired, the quarterly subscription fee of $97 will automatically be charged if you have not unsubscribed during the trial period.